kleine badezimmer hannover

kleine badezimmer hannover

what is your name? where do you come from? my name is clara. i come from frankfurt am main. my name is finn. i come from kassel. my name is johanna. i come from augsburg. my name is jochen. i come from hamburg. my name is romy. i come from rostock. my name is henrick. i come from saarbrã¼cken. my name is cleo. i come from kiel. my name is thomas. i come from munich.

my name is emmie. i come from nuremberg. my name is colin. i come from chemnitz. who are you? where do you live? i am finja. i live in frankfurt an der oder. i am ben. i live in gera. i am nele. i live in lã¼beck. i am noah. i live in bochum. i am mila. i live in essen. i am konstantin. i live in halle an der saale.

i am leni. i live in stralsund. i am simon. i live in wuppertal. i am marlene. i live in bremen. i am aron. i live in dortmund. what is your name? where were you born? my name is flora. i was born in celle. my name is samuel. i was born in mannheim. my name is stella. i was born in hannover. my name is dorian. i was born in karlsruhe.

my name is maxine. i was born in cottbus. my name is erik. i was born in wiesbaden. my name is ella. i was born in mã¼nster. my name is milan. i was born in magdeburg. my name is paula. i was born in viersen. my name is jannick. i was born in mã¶nchengladbach. who is this? where does he come from? where does she come from? this is ronan. he comes from gelsenkirchen.

this is sophie. she comes from duisburg. this is fabian. he comes from freiburg. this is elsa. she comes from buxtehude. this is emerick. he comes from oberhausen. this is serina. she comes from schwerin. this is tristan. he comes from mainz. this is hollie. she comes from dresden. what is your name? where do you come from originally?

my name is nina. i come from dã¼sseldorf originally. my name is rufus. i come from herne originally. my name is zoe. i come from greifswald originally. my name is ole. i come from oldenburg originally. my name is lisa. i come from zweibrã¼cken originally. my name is matthias. i come from leverkusen originally. my name is luisa. i come from leipzig orignally.

my name is gustav. originally i come from mã¼lheim an der ruhr. my name is milena. i come from jena originally. my name is luis. i come from aachen originally. who is that? where does his family come from? this is jonathan. his family comes from titisee-neustadt. this is levi. his family comes from neustadt an der weinstrasse.

this is leonard. his family comes from weinheim an der bergstrasse. this is theo. his family comes from saarlouis. this is marko. his family comes from frankenstein. what is her name? where does her family come from? her name is steffi. her family comes from weimar. her name is dalia. her family comes from aue.

her name is ulrike. her family comes from ulm. her name is jette. her family comes from paderborn. her name is britt. her family comes from braunschweig. what is your name? what is your hometown? my name is renate. my hometown is mã¼nster. my name is tim. my hometown is gã¼strow. my name is alina. my hometown is neubrandenburg. my name is jan. my hometown is homburg an der saar.

my name is selina. my hometown is erfurt. my name is joachim. my hometown is stuttgart. my name is grete. my hometown is wolfsburg. my name is alwin. my hometown is bonn. my name is celia. my hometown is wismar. my name is daniel. my hometown is cologne. capital cities. i am ferdinand. i come from berlin. that is the capital of germany.

my name is fabiana. i come from rome. that is the capital of italy. my name is timeo. i come from brussels. that is the capital of belgium. my name is elodie. i come from paris. that is the capital of france. i am maximilian. i come from vienna. that is the capital of austria. my name is marianna. i come from athens.

that is the capital of greece. my name is manato. i come from tokio. that is the capital of japan. my name is elisa. i come from stockholm. that is the capital of sweden. i am leonard. i come from warsaw. that is the capital of poland. my name is ding yun. i come from beijing. that is the capital of china.

who are you? where do you come from? where is that? i am michael. i come from zã¼rich. that is a big city in switzerland. my name is valentina. i come from saint petersburg. that is a big city in russia. my name is jean. i come from chicoutimi. that is a small city in canada. my name is svantje. i come from venlo.

that is a small city in the netherlands. my name is justin. i come from san francisco. that is a big city in the united states of america. my name is emily. i come from harrogate. that is a small town in england. my name is adlan. i come from aleppo. that is a big city in syria. my name is juliette. i come from schengen. that is a small town in luxembourg.

my name is emre. i come from istanbul. that is a big city in turkey. my name is juanita. i come from mexico city. that is the biggest city in the world. what is your name? what languages do you speak? my name is david. i speak swahili, french and a little german. my name is polina. i speak russian, polish and a little german.

my name is ender. i speak turkish and german. my name is shana. i speak german, hindi and persian. my name is chihiro. i speak japanese, english and german. my name is teli. i speak hebrew, french and german. my name is enrique.

i speak spanish, portuguese and some german. my name is laila. i speak german, italian and arabic. my name is sayo. i speak vietnamese, cantonese, mandarin and a few words in german. my name is malin. i speak swedish, german, danish, finnish... ...croatian, czech, french and hungarian. wow!

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